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December 9, 2020

Promptly Journals: The Keepsake Every Family Needs

The One Keepsake Every Family Needs: Promptly Memory Journals by Destinee Stark

Last year, I discovered this company called Promptly Journals and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since! I love them so much that I’ve purchased several for myself, and even more as gifts for friends and family. Promptly Journals creates the most beautiful, heirloom keepsake journals filled with simple writing prompts to spark memories you’ll want to remember forever. They have all different kinds of journals for different seasons of life. The prompts are short and easy to answer questions that don’t take a ton of time to fill out. Some of the journals are estimated to take about an hour per year of your time. These journals are something that you’ll want to be passed down in your family long after you’re gone.

Kinds of Promptly Journals

Memory Journals

Life gets busy, and sometimes we forget small details that we would’ve wanted to remember. If you are a parent, their Childhood History Journal is sure to be a favorite! Although I don’t have children, I would have loved to have something like this written by my mom. With the Childhood History Journal, a parent is able to document their child’s life from pregnancy to 18 years of age. There’s space for birth and growth stats, milestones, photos, as well as prompts for documenting specific emotions you felt during a certain season. If you are an adoptive parent, there is the Adoption Journal which documents your child’s placement through 18 years of age.

The Autobiography Journal is for anyone who wants to write their childhood and adulthood story from their own perspective. It includes prompts for childhood through the golden years.

Memory Journals – The Love Story Journal

I purchased the The Love Story Journal last year and it has become such a great connection tool for my husband and I. What I love most about The Love Story Journal is that it is completely gender neutral and inclusive for LGBTQ+ couples. There are no “bride” or “groom” prompts, only “spouse”. Even the family tree at the beginning of the journal says, “parent” and not “mom” or “dad”. Some people have two moms or two dads, and I am so glad that this journal encompasses the diversity of real families. (Hint, Hint) The Love Story Journal would make an amazing client gift for my wedding photographer friends!

The Love Story journal documents everything from your family tree, to all of your “firsts” together, how you met, dating, proposal, to your engagement. It has an entire chapter dedicated to the wedding. There are prompts for wedding day details, photos, and a copy of your invitation. It also includes pages for wedding guests to write messages for the couple! The journal also has a section for honeymoon details, and then it goes into First through 70th Wedding Anniversary and the “lasts” together as a couple. One of my favorite parts is that there is a section on each anniversary to write a letter to each other in lieu of greeting cards. How sweet!?

Healing, Self-Care, and Connection Journals

Promptly Journals has a line of Healing Journals created to work through hurt, pain, and grief. Their Healing Journals include: the Remembrance Journal and Grief Workbook, Infertility Workbook, and the Miscarriage Workbook.

Their Self-Care Journals includes their Gratitude Journal and Postpartum Journal. And their Connection Journals include their Loom Parent-Child Journal and their Loom Couples Journal. Connection Journals are full of thoughtful and engaging prompts for two people to connect. They also have beautiful blank journals if that’s your thing!

*NEW* Christmas Memory Journal

The whole reason I wrote this post is because of the Christmas Memory Journal. I just purchased this a few weeks ago and I am absolutely obsessed with it! I can’t tell you how many times I reminisce about Christmas stories in my family. I’m so glad that now I have a space to write them down in real time to remember forever! This journal has the perfect prompts to fill out with your partner or family each year, for 30 years! There are even plenty of pages to include a family photo or your Christmas card. All of your holiday memories collected in one beautiful book that looks stunning on a coffee table or shelf.

Some examples of prompts included are:

  • What was on our Christmas lists
  • Holiday movies we watched
  • Kindness we received from others
  • This Christmas, we are thankful for:
  • Our wishes for the new year are:
  • And so much more!

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