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December 31, 2020

21 New Year’s Resolutions That Don’t Involve Dieting or Weight Loss

21 New Year's Resolutions That Don't Involve Dieting or Weight Loss

It’s that time of year again – New Year’s Resolutions season! You either love it or hate it. But either way – your inbox, social media feeds, favorite tv show commercials and radios are about to be inundated with weight loss and diet ads for the next 8-12 weeks, if not longer. Look out for buzzwords that disguise diet culture as “wellness“. The diets that insist they aren’t diets, are some of the most harmful ones. As much as I love a clean slate and starting fresh in the new year, it has been an especially challenging time for me ever since I ditched diet culture a few years ago. If you don’t know what diet culture is, Christy Harrison explains this really well. Most New Year’s Resolutions revolve around dieting and weight loss, and I gave that up so I have to get creative when it comes to goal setting.

2020 has been a hard year, for literally everyone. We are still in a global pandemic almost a year later, y’all. If all you did this year was get through it, that’s cause for celebration in my book! Even if your goal for 2021 is just to make it through, that’s okay too. I just wanted to give you a few ideas of New Year’s Resolutions that don’t involve dieting or weight loss. I anticipate diet companies and influencers to go especially hard on marketing this NYR season. I’ve been seeing ads all year about the “Quarantine 15” and other “jokes” about gaining weight during a pandemic. These “jokes” aren’t funny, by the way. This year has been traumatic, and our bodies and minds are healing from this collective trauma in the way it needs to. Why sit in a pit of shame for surviving this year?

Remember, this is just a list of ideas. You are not meant to make all 21 New Year’s Resolutions a commitment.

  1. Ditch Diet Culture – Throw out the scale, unfollow the weight loss accounts, delete the apps, and live your life free of shame. I recommend Christy Harrison’s Book: Anti-Diet to start!
  2. Journal, Reflection, & Gratitude
  3. Get a therapist. If that one isn’t a good fit, go to another.
  4. Be more intentional with your time, because time is your most valuable asset.
  5. Read more books – make a list and commit to reading at least a chapter a day.
  6. Invest in your community by volunteering, donating, or recycling.
  7. Support small businesses first, before shopping big.
  8. Get involved with activism – attend a protest, stand in solidarity, educate yourself and others. One of my favorite accounts on Instagram for educating myself is Blair Imani and So You Want to Talk About.
  9. Cook at home more often instead of getting take out. We use Every Plate three times a week and it has seriously helped my disdain for meal planning and grocery shopping. You can get $20 off by signing up with my link!
  10. Move your body for the sake of joy and not as a punishment for eating food. Think about what you did as a kid that you loved – riding a bike? dancing? etc. I got this exercise bike for Christmas and I am loving it! I forgot how much I enjoyed riding a bike growing up!
  11. Drink a minimum of a gallon of water a day. I use this bottle to keep me on track. It does get heavy though, so I just use it to pour into my tumbler cup.
  12. Go through your things and sell items on Facebook Marketplace or donate.
  13. Declutter and organize your home – room by room, from top to bottom. (Not all in one day of course.)
  14. Pay off debt.
  15. Save money.
  16. Focus on cultivating relationships and friendships – send snail mail or a thoughtful text. Make them smile.
  17. Schedule regular visits to your doctor(s) and the dentist – boring, but necessary.
  18. Try a new hobby!
  19. Take more time unplugged from social media. We all need a break every now and then.
  20. Set boundaries and clearly communicate them when necessary.
  21. Learn a new skill – something you’ve always wanted to try, like kayaking, learning a language, or something creative.

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