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Over the years, I've discovered that I really enjoy connecting and building relationships with my online community through the photos and the content that I share. Since then, I've developed a strong interest in helping other creatives and entrepreneurs do the same! One of the most important things you can do to connect with your community online, is to show them what you look like and what it's like to do what you do. This means that sharing behind-the-scenes images of you working (from your desk, your favorite coffee shop or from your couch - I'm not one to judge!), will showcase that you are more than just your business - you're a real human doing what you love. Making personal connections with your online community through modern "headshots" will help you connect with them online, like never before. These portraits are great for entrepreneurs, small business owners, makers, crafters, bloggers and creatives that need "on brand" visual content for their online and print marketing materials, website, blog, and social media.

We have a few different options to choose from, so that we find the perfect fit for your needs. We can do one big shoot, or we can do multiple smaller shoots throughout the year. The latter option is perfect for fashion, food, or lifestyle bloggers that need images to go along with their written blog content, as well!

create a brand you love

that others will remember

These are not your mother's headshots. While I definitely think that the traditional headshot has its place in corporate America, but these days, most creative small business owners want something more personal. In the modern small business world, we are our brand - so people need to see that. While many things have changed in the small business world, it's still true that in order for most people to buy something from you, they need to like, know, and trust you. It can be difficult to get to know, let alone relate to, a stiffened, over-polished version of you or someone that they can't put a face to the name at all. Curating perfection is out, and authentic realness is in. 

Branding portrait sessions are where you can let loose and be totally yourself. Be goofy, be quirky, be you - because that's what people can relate to and love to see. Modern branding portraits are a unique approach to connecting professionalism and authenticity for the sweet spot that successful businesses thrive on. What makes a branding portrait different from a traditional headshot, is the connection it creates with your ideal client. Without connection, we're just another fish in the sea of businesses to support. And you, my friend, are a unique pearl and it's time to start acting like one!

it really, truly is

more than a headshot


After booking and reserving your branding portrait session, you will receive a detailed questionnaire to fill out, conveniently online. This questionnaire will help me get to know you, your brand and understand your vision for these portraits. I will strategically plan your session down to every detail, including: helping with styling, outfits, locations, styled props, and more. 

day of

Get ready to have some fun and laugh! I love capturing natural expressions and laughter, so be prepared for me to do whatever it takes to get those nose-wrinkling giggles out of you (I'm not opposed to jumping up and down while making inappropriate jokes). We'll spend about an hour together photographing documentary-style portraits of you working behind the scenes and taking a few traditional style headshots. 


Within 2 weeks of your portrait session, the link to your online gallery will be emailed to you so that you can start sharing your images, writing blog posts and planning your social media strategy with the images. Also, I love supporting other creatives, so if you're down with having an online hype-girl for your business, that's ideal!

to expect


As many as you like! My portrait sessions are based on time and available sunlight,
not the number of outfits you bring. In general, 2-3 outfits work best. 







Absolutely! I want you to use these images everywhere. Feel free to tag me too, so I can cheer you on! 

Unfortunately, no. Weekends are reserved for spending time with my family.  
Just like most other careers I work during weekdays, and take time off on weekends.

You can expect to receive 30-40 images in your online gallery.

If the location we choose, is indoor, this doesn't apply. If there is a 60% chance of rain or more
within 24 hours of your portrait session, we will simply reschedule to the earliest possible date available.  

These portrait sessions are all-inclusive so that you are able to use the images in any digital or printed format that you need for your business, blog, website, or social media. Branding Portrait Sessions include an in depth questionnaire to plan your portrait experience from start to finish, a 1 hour on-location portrait session, 30-40 high resolution digital images and an online gallery for easy downloading. 

These portrait sessions are shorter, more frequent versions of branding portraits. The Portrait Plan is perfect for creatives or bloggers that need consistent visual content for their blogs and social media. Each Portrait Plan is custom designed to fit your content needs, whether that be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or something else. Payments are divided up over a specified amount of time to make them an accessible option for beginner bloggers and small businesses.

Branding Portrait Session

The Portrait Plan


starting at $50 a month with a $250 retainer fee



product photos

What's the point in launching your brand new, beautifully designed website to sell your goods if the only photos you have of your products are dark, grainy, cell phone pics? You're not a photographer, so I totally get why product photos are a pain in the you-know-what. Let me take that over for you, boo! I got you. Elevate your brand and set yourself apart with professional product photography of your handmade goods. Whether you have a small Etsy shop or a brick and mortar storefront downtown, you will never regret investing in professional product photos for social media and your website. The amazing thing is, you don't even have to be local to Northeast Ohio for me to photograph your products! If the products are small and shippable, you can mail them to me and I'll mail them back when I'm finished photographing them. Easy as that! Each project is unique and needs are different, so investment will vary. Contact me today!

make your

products stand out

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