Welcome to my tiny corner of the internet! This online space is where I share insights into my life, work, and passions. I might not be everyone's vibe. I'm okay with that and that was never the goal anyway. If you're going to be in my space, you should know that it is completely unfiltered. My goal with this platform is to start conversations that challenge ideas and contribute to the dismantling of oppressive systems. Stick around for thought-provoking content, be ready to get uncomfortable and have your world view challenged. 

SHE/HER • Black/AAPI • neurodivergent • anti-diet • entrepreneur • graphic artist



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i have a strong sense of justice and believe that overcoming racial inequality, requires confronting our history.

i want to live in a world where people's basic needs are met, there are an abundance of equitable and accessible opportunities for every person to thrive, and rather than repeating our history, we learn and grow from it. 

when it comes to racism and bigotry, i don't care how you were raised. unlearn that shit. 

i believe we should put the interests of people and communities over corporations and profit.

i am driven by empathy and intersectionality, and my favorite season is the fall [of the patriarchy]. 

i believe we would benefit from funding the community over funding the police. 

i hope to one day see the equalities, freedoms, and justice promised by our constitution, be applied to all people.

i believe that bodily autonomy and education is a human right and that religion is a personal choice that has no governance over politics, public education, or legislation.

i care deeply about marginalized communities, amplifying their voices, and protecting their human rights. 

i believe that it is equity, not equality that empowers communities to thrive.

i believe in full accountability regardless of a person's position of power or social status.

i believe everyday is a good day to challenge our bias and that it is an individual obligation to become more ethical than the society we grew up in. 

i believe we the people, should do no harm, but take no shit. all power to the people. 



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