I have something I need to admit. I feel like my life is kinda complicated and explaining what it is that "I do" isn't the easiest thing ever. You see, I have many special interests, and I'm constantly diving into some sort of new, creative project. The way my neurodiverse, multi-passionate brain works, I can't pick just one thing to do and that's basically how my entire career as a self-made entrepreneur has gone. I've done and currently do a lot of different things, and I feel that makes me a bit complicated to explain- ya feel me? And in the rare occasion that I'm actually in front of a new group of people, I'm the socially awkward one dreading the moment when it's my turn to introduce myself - because again- I'm complicated. Remember? Let's just say that while I am genuinely excited that you're here, just know that reading my intro as words on a web page is much less cringe-worthy than listening to me stumble over my words trying to explain all the things that encapsulate my life.

So, here are the basics: I'm in my 30s, born and raised in Akron, Ohio and now living in Canton, married to my best friend, and am a dog mama to two crazy pups. After dropping out of college at age 18, I'm back pursuing my education. I'm a Criminal Justice and African American Studies double major, with a minor in Community Action and Social Change. Long story short- I want to use my education and skills to dismantle systemic racism in the criminal justice system and American policing. Some of my "titles" include: civil rights activist, college student, graphic artist, interior designer, illustrator, photographer, content creator, writer, journalist, vintage shop owner, and chronically socially awkward. I'm also #ActuallyAutistic, a true six on the Enneagram, an INFJ on the MBTI, and my love language is quality time. I'm a big fan of therapy, learning new things, comfy clothes, spending time at home, and all different kinds of good music. My favorite place to be is at home. Let's just say- I've been a homebody since before it was trending on TikTok, but this is also one reason why making new friends as an adult is so hard for me- because the people I'd get along with best also don't want to leave their houses. Ha! 

I'm Destinee

hi friend!

"People who say, 'Go big or go home.' seriously underestimate my willingness to go home. It's literally all I want." 

-Introverts Everywhere

Anywho...when I'm not spending time at home playing with my pups or working on a creative project, you can find me cruising the aisles of thrift stores and vintage shops. I've been thrifting my entire life and some of my best memories are exploring the aisles of the local thrift store with my Grandma as a kid. Not only do I have an obsession with interior design and home decor, but I'm also obsessed with finding vintage, one-of-a-kind treasures at flea markets, yard sales, and thrift stores. I love it so much so that I turned my hobby of thrifting into a side hustle and started my shop Itch 2 Thrift where I source curated collections of hand-picked vintage clothing and home decor for you to shop! Opening Itch 2 Thrift was the perfect solution to me buying an excess of secondhand goods. 

Looking back, I've always been who I've been. It's no wonder that the girl who spent much of her time rearranging and redecorating her room growing up, would fall in love with interior design as an adult. And it's no wonder that the girl who spent a lot of time buried in her windows computer designing cards with clipart and tacky fonts in the 90s "Greeting Card Factory" software, would become a graphic designer someday. And I'm also not surprised that the girl who made a DVD slideshow for her cheerleading squad in high school and sold copies to her teammates' parents, would become an entrepreneur when she grew up. Nothing about my childhood special interests surprises me, looking back. 

I just am who I am- and if I'm known for anything it's being outspoken, goofy, and creative. I serve people by advocating, educating, and encouraging. If you've learned anything from this- now very lengthy- bio of mine - I hope it's that you give yourself permission to chase all those wild dreams of yours - whether they make sense to others or not. 

xo, Destinee

10 things about me

a.   Grey's Anatomy
b.   Scandal
c.   How to Get Away with Murder
d.   Bridgerton

1. my starbucks order:

2. fastest binged shondaland tv show:

a.   Tacos
b.   Burgers
c.   Salad
d.   Pizza

3. My go-to meal:

Write a book!

4. Someday i'd love to:

Pink drink w/no berries
Oat milk + Vanilla syrup
+ Sweet cream cold foam

a.   Black Lives Matter
b.   Love is Love
c.   Women's Rights are Human Rights
d.   No Human is Illegal
e.   Science is Real
f.   All of the Above

5. i believe...

a.   Fur Babies
b.   Human Babies
c.   Plant Babies
d.   None of the Above

6. If you could only choose one:

a.   Public Speaking
b.   Spiders
c.   Crowds
d.   All of the Above

7. something that gives me major anxiety:

Being my own boss!

8. Something I will never regret:

a.   Getting Outdoors
b.   Going to Therapy
c.   Pampering Myself
d.   Something Creative

9. my favorite self-care activity

10. best advice i've ever received:

To be unapologetically myself even if
it makes other people uncomfortable.


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