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Did you know that in 1999 the Akron Police Department suspended without pay, and ultimately fired a highly respected police officer for being “too fat?” Yeah, that’s right. The Akron Police Department has a limit on weight, but not murders or excessive force. I didn’t know Stephanie Hollis. When I came across her story while […]

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The Story of Stephanie Hollis

May 16

It is National Police Week and in honor of that, let’s take a walk down memory lane. I’ll be sharing the story of Amos F. Jones in this post. Did you know that in 1981, two Canton Police officers beat a Black man to the point he had three fractured ribs and a shoulder injury? […]

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The Story of Amos F. Jones

May 15

The Akron Police Department has documented history of inflicting violence on citizens without due process. The above article from Akron Beacon Journal dated January 24, 1928 happens to be the most “on brand” and relevant warning ever for the Akron Police Department to intimidate Akron’s citizens into unquestioning compliance. Before there were police cruisers and […]

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Akron Police: A History of Violence Without Due Process

May 13

250+ Black Owned Ohio Businesses by Destinee Stark

UPDATE 6/23/2020: The community response from this list of Black owned businesses in Ohio has been incredible! This post has been featured in The Canton Repository and mentioned in USA Today! I’ve already added over 80 more businesses to this list, and now we are close to 350! I will continue to update this list, […]

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Activism, Business

400+ Black Owned Businesses in Ohio

Jun 10

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