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The Backstory The last two weeks have been wild, to say the least! My video calling out the racist dog whistles in Jason Aldean’s new song “Try That In A Small Town,” as well as the music video, went viral practically overnight. I was petty and curious, and I started a conversation that caught the […]

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The OG Deep Dive on Jason Aldean’s Racist Song

Jul 27

Akron Residents Want Change A recent survey conducted in the City of Akron shows that most Akron Residents want some form of change in terms of policing and that the issues Akron Residents are most concerned about are issues that the police are not actually solving. The top issue that Akron Residents are concerned about […]

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Most Akron Residents Want Change in Policing

Jun 5

With a rise in anti-Asian hate and racism, AAPI owned businesses are affected and to counteract that, we should be intentional about supporting marginalized groups of small business owners. I created this list of AAPI owned businesses in Ohio for you to do just that! This list is ever-growing so be sure to check back […]

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Activism, Business

AAPI Owned Business in Ohio

May 31

In 1983, two investigative journalists for the Akron Beacon Journal, Bill Osinski and Dave Scott, spent several months investigating the numerous complaints of excessive force by the Canton Police Department. What they discovered is disturbing to say the least. They interviewed 25 people as a part of their investigation. Ten of them claimed they were […]

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Complaints of Excessive Force Prompted Investigative Journalists

May 17

Did you know that in 1999 the Akron Police Department suspended without pay, and ultimately fired a highly respected police officer for being “too fat?” Yeah, that’s right. The Akron Police Department has a limit on weight, but not murders or excessive force. I didn’t know Stephanie Hollis. When I came across her story while […]

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The Story of Stephanie Hollis

May 16

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